Michelle Henn


Cape Town born, Garden Route based part time artist.

Cell: 060 845 4368

Email: michelle6518@gmail.com

“I have been honing my sales and marketing career full-time and creative passion part-time – painting, illustrative design, commissioned pieces, bespoke pieces, interior layouts and more recently social beginner art classes for adults after hours.

Its my goal to fuse both industries using my marketing history and embarking on a full-time creative career which will include not only painting, but commissioned projects, teaching and explore the direction of art therapy for trauma treatment in children and adults who have been affected by emotional or physical trauma.

My work is predominantly semi abstract and eclectic, incandescently colourful with the use of mainly acrylics and occasionally oils and mixed media. Exhibitions include public art fairs in the past such as the Outeniqua train museum, as guest artist with Anthony Noble at the George museum and library as well as the Wilderness Arts Festival with bespoke pieces shipping off as far as US and Holland. Pieces have also been completed for the CANSA auction locally. Current pieces are being exhibited on the Cabesa Gallery platform with other local artists at Hoeka Toeka in Hoekwil outside Wilderness.

Creative services include murals, illustrations, beginners lessons, bespoke pieces, space planning and interior layout and colour planning.

There is a peace found in practicing art, a joy in a new owners disposition and nothing is more rewarding than seeing the smile on someone’s face who was convinced they cannot paint.”

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