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The Wilderness Art Community was mobilised and brought to the fore in December 2015 when Cabesa Gallery owners Carole Durrant and Biance Ralph decided to organise the first ever Wilderness Open Gallery at the Wilderness Hotel.

The Wilderness Open Gallery became a much-anticipated annual event which grew in the number of artists participating every year. It was decided to invite businesses to platform artists in the Wilderness CBD, creating an Art Walk through the town. February 2019 was the inaugural Wilderness Art Festival, hosting 67 Artists from the Southern Cape. Galleries, shopping centres, restaurants, estate agents, all became involved in supporting this event.

“It has been our vision that businesses should support the art community in holding these events. Business sponsorship is absolutely vital to the survival of the arts. Art is the entertainment which brings feet into our towns, it is a resource to creating revenue by attracting tourism. Wilderness businesses are setting a fine example of just how much they value the art community by fully funding this event. We are delighted with the synergy that has been formed between business and the artists. Thank you especially to Urban Jungle who is our Main Sponsor for the Wilderness Art Festival 2020.” – Carole Durrant.

Art Festival 2023

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