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Wildlife Conservation Schools Art Challenge

Freedom Feathers Fashion Show

Join us on Saturday, 22 April 2023 at 3.30pm, at the Wilderness Hotel Pool, for another exciting Freedom Feathers Fashion Show.


After the runaway success of our 1st Fashion Show in 2021, Freedom Feathers are once again collaborating with the Wilderness Arts Festival taking place from 21 – 23 April 2023, for the 2nd Freedom Feathers Fashion Show 2023.

All the designers and boutique owners taking part are from the Garden Route, which include, amongst others: Freedom Feathers, designer Kelly Shannon, brings you her bespoke leather, feather and bead accessories, Amy Rose Apparel, designer Amy Rose, whose versatile range integrates the fluidity and flexibility of woven fabrics, Hoy P’Loi, designer Bonny Hoy, proudly presents her line of elegant feminine dresses, with an edge, Erika Turvey who will WoW you with her sexy, steampunk and grunge range of vintage wear, Ronel de Beer Couture, designer Ronel de Beer, will be showing her range of wear which is pure glitz and glamour, Thrifty Cop, owner Mellissa Watson, will present her locally sourced gently worn range, and Austin Lee with his award-winning Haute Couture range.

Night of 1000 Drawings

Book Launch

Book signing and discussion.

Black Beach

Daniel Janse van Rensburg
Tracey Pharoah

Meet Stretch

The Steampunk Singer-Songwriter & Storyteller.


Stretch is a character that comes out of the world of Steampunk – a fantasy concept of a Victorian-Themed World that is sitting on the edge of an apocalypse. Within this world, there is no electricity – only steam and modern technology adjusted and tweaked to work under the limited resources that are left on offer.

Stretch shares stories of what her world looks like – the people within it, their struggles and how they overcome the challenges that they face. Evidently, even though Steampunk seems vastly different to the world we know, there are many similarities between the two worlds. Many people are lost within themselves and the future is looking daunting…

Abandoning her world of Steam, Stretch jumps up onto stage and uses her songs and tales to uplift the people of this world, exploring various ways of coping with change, social anxiety and displacement. She speaks of self worth, encourages the pursuit of passion and celebrates the uniqueness that each individual has to offer.


The concept of Stretch was created and is performed by Lauren Smith.

Lauren has always had a passion for people, the arts and the stage. After completing her degree in Acting and Performance Art in Cape Town, she moved to the Garden Route and began her career as a Singer-Songwriter. She has been developing her character and performing in various venues around the Garden Route for the last five years and is currently working on her Solo-Show which she plans to further tour the country with. Within this time, she has also facilitated Drama Classes and one-on-one training for Dramatic Arts Eisteddfods for children and teenagers. Lauren has recently taken up and is currently undergoing various courses within the field of Positive Psychology and plans to implement the knowledge and vocabulary within her shows so that she is able to further uplift and inspire her audiences.


I AM me

I AM me
Your space to return to you!

Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about empowering, healing and developing people. I was born in Westdene, Johannesburg, close to the SABC and since then, could never decide which one of the 2 types of theatres I loved the most… Theatrical or Surgical. And therefore, I became involved with both. When I set my feet on the soil of the Knysna Forest for the 1st time at the age of 8, I knew that the Garden Route is Home to my heart.

My life experiences and skills are extensive and life journey has been a splendid cornucopia of love, emotion, continuous growth & learning. My life is my art. Sometimes it’s all colors and sometimes only black and white. Sometimes cheerful, with bright, hopeful eyes. Sometimes sad, but always beautifully my own.

I am an encourager of overall wellbeing and empowerment, as well as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and -Ambassador with 20+ years formal experience in the following Sectors:

• Performing-, Visual- & Creative Arts
• Education & Training
• Medical & Healthcare
• Human Resources

My passion as a Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner is to create a space for YOU, an oasis where you can relax, take off your shoes, enjoy yourself and the art of living. Feel free, think big, think small. A place where you will be seen and heard. Take your time and breathe. Sense the moment, use your key and open your heart. Laugh, cry or be crazy if you like.

Become the best version of yourself!

I AM me offers personalized Support and Guided Self-Discovery to navigate through life’s Transitions. Guidance and assistance for you to achieve wellbeing as a whole.
Basic Services include, but are not limited to:

Trauma Coaching
Holistic Coaching
Creative Confidence Building
Art Therapy

I am very excited to begin this journey with you!
Coach Santie


Cathy Fourie

Born and raised in Cape Town, I moved to George, finished my last year of schooling, got married, started a family and have lived in this paradise ever since.

I have done some acrylics and oils, but always come back to my favourite which is watercolour and Mixed Media Art.

Nature, wildlife and the great outdoors are my favourite subjects.
Some of my work was accepted at the Strydom Gallery Winter exhibition years ago, but more recently I have had paintings accepted and shortlisted for exhibitions which is a great honour.

August 2021: 2nd place in the SCAVA Annual Competition Landscape category.
February 2022: Finalist and 2nd in the watercolour category of the S A Artist Magazine Landscape artist of the Year.
June 2022: Shortlisted in David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2022, Earth’s Wild Beauty Category.
October 2022: Shortlisted in Artists for Painted Dogs and other Wildlife.
Instagram: Cathy_Fourie_Art


Frances Engelbrecht

I live in the beautiful Garden Route of the Southern Cape.

I am inspired by the natural beauty of my surroundings and have always loved the creative process be it art, gardening, interior decorating or crafts.  I do not conform to a specific style or target audience.

Regardless of style or subject, the creation process is what gives me the most joy.


Petra Brits

I was born during 1955 in the industrial town of Vereeniging, in Gauteng.  I studied Art at the University of Stellenbosch and obtained my degree in 1998.

In between work and other commitments, I continued painting and drawing, and did various commissions. Now I am retired and live in the beautiful coastal town of Sedgefield in the Western Cape – where I am able to follow my lifelong dream of being a full-time artist.

I see, hear, feel art in nature, poetry, music, and that is what inspires me to live a creative life.

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery“.  Francis Bacon.


Zanne Small

Rhodesian by birth, Zanne (nee Koen) completed “A” Levels at Chaplin High School in Gwelo and then studied Music and Fine Art at U.C.T.

In 2000 she was introduced to the Art scene in Johannesburg by joining the Watercolour Society of South Africa where she was very involved for the following 14 years as a Higher Associate, Chairperson, Judge and Curator of Manor Gallery at Norscot.

Recently she moved to Sedgefield and has an art studio on the edge of the lagoon. She is thrilled to be involved in the Garden Route Art scene.

Her favoured medium is watercolour but she also enjoys working in oils and pastels.

Zanne’s paintings tell simple beautiful stories.


Rosanne van Niekerk

Born in the valleys of South Wales, I grew up in a quaint village on top of a mountain and completed my schooling in the UK. I have always had a love of
everything creative and was to be found doodling at every opportunity…even in class during lessons!

Cardiff College of Art was the first in the country to pioneer an Integrated Design course and as one of the students, I had the chance to experience all
different aspects of design, spending one month in each discipline including photography, typography, woodwork, fashion etc. At the end of the first year I
applied to Bristol and was the only female accepted for their Construction Design course as a result of some of my 3 dimensional work.

However, being an adventurous soul, I emigrated to South Africa instead and worked at John Orr’s in Springs as a window dresser. In those days, we painted large backgrounds such as the cover pages of Fair Lady magazine for our window displays. Soon, I became a full time Mom and volunteered my services to help out with scenery, props and costumes for school plays.

Through the years I have worked as an in-house artist for an automotive company, a corporate designer, make-up artist, illustrator at an advertising agency and had the opportunity to work on a variety of diverse and interesting
projects such as sign writing, metal embossing, pottery, refurbishing old pots, decoupage, pen and ink illustrations, creating wall murals of childrens’ fantasy characters or wildlife and many other creative endeavours. I now concentrate
solely on graphite, pastel and charcoal rendering as they are definitely my favourite mediums.

I have taken part in Several group exhibitions at the Wilderness Hotel and George Museum, winning 1st prize in the portrait category of SCAVA’S 2018, 2019 and 2022 competitions as well as various other awards and commendations leading to my work being featured in local newspapers, editorials and social media.

Rosanne van Niekerk nee Whittle
082 933 7359



Night of 1000 Drawings 2021

Draw, paint or doodle A5 artworks and donate to this worthy cause.

Artworks will be sold and proceeds donated to Seven Passes Initiative NPO involved in outreach programmes in rural areas around Wilderness.

Dropboxes are at Cabesa Gallery, The Little Art Shop, Art Savings Club and Seven Passes Initiative.

Night of 1000 Drawings is part of the Wilderness Art Festival 2021.

For more information contact

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Night of a 1000 Drawings

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