Ingrid Nuss

Artist & illustrator

Ingrid resides in Wilderness - the ‘heart of the Garden Route’.

Cell: 072 647 2127


Ingrid Nuss is an artist and illustrator residing in Wilderness, the ‘heart of the Garden Route’, South Africa.

She attended the Jack Meyer Art centre (Paarl) in her younger years then graduated with distinction at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town in 2007 (UCT).

Her avid family camping trips between the Cape and Namibia cultivated her love for her natural surroundings and art. Drawing from the design aesthetics of various African cultures and combining patterns with animal-humans, she pays tribute to the natural beauty we’re surrounded by, whilst simultaneously alluding to the importance of its preservation.

Nuss aims to capture a harmonious combination of whimsical and edgy artistry with a characterful contemporary flair.

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